Wanting 2B Creative is a blog to help me get the ideas out of my head and try out projects to see if I really am creative. I recently began sewing on my mother’s old Singer Touch and Sew 758. We are talking 1969! I am loving it. I want to branch out and create all kinds of things. I have been focusing on handbags and totes as of right now and will move into quilting (maybe) and clothing. I am still extremely new at it and like other perfectionists, would love to be great at it right away. Yeah right!

In addition to continuing to sew I want to get into making better cards, scrapbooking (both digitally and on paper), decorations, soap making (improving upon), lip balms, lotions, solid perfumes, and bath fizzies. I also want to continue to polish my Photoshop and InDesign skills as there are so many things to create in these programs. I would love to be able to offer free downloads for others to use later down the road.

Oh yes, and improve my photographing techniques in order to photo-document all the projects and completed items.

Oh, and maintain my job and my relationship with my husband and son while doing it ALL! Balance, balance, balance.

There is just too much swimming around in my head if I can begin to organize it and inspire others, as others have inspired me, then that is an added bonus!

Here’s to finding my creative side!



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