Give a Little Love

Happy Valentine’s day. I really don’t think there needs to be one day dedicated to showing love, it should be done everyday, yet I will go with it.

I made a card for my husband last night. I was inspired by my latest magazine purchase – “Paper Crafts – Cool Tools for Paper Crafters”. I am so happy I got this one. It has so many tips and gadgets to used for creating great cards. I flagged all the cards I would love to make for the many occasions and birthdays this year.

The card I made was easy to craft.

I had 3.875″ squares of linen textured cardstock which I found similar colors for a gradient or ombre effect for my card. I cut 6- 1″ squares and used a small rounded corner punch to clip one corner off.

I glued them on top of each other, working from the bottom and darkest color up to the lightest color. I glued them on another piece of cardstock for stability. Once they were glued, I drew or traced a heart on top of them and cut them out.

After doing that I picked the cardstock I wanted to make my card out of  and cut it down to the appropriate size in order to have a finished, folded card the size of 4.25″x5.5″.  I also used a larger round corner punch to clip the pointed corners off the card. (I used my Martha Stewart score board to score the fold line and my 1″ squares for accuracy and a smooth fold.)

I put foam tape on the back of the heart and affixed it to the right side of the card.

I took silver glittered chip board letters, which had adhesive on them, and added small slivers of foam tape to the back so they would be close to the same height as the heart and affixed them to the left of the heart.

On the inside of the card I used one of the colors from the heart, a 3.875″ square, and clipped the corner of it with the same punch as the others and then printed a message on a white sheet of cardstock with a border around it (used InDesign) and pasted it to the colored card stock and signed. It.

I love making cards. They are not always the best, yet it is fun to experiement and figure out what techniques work best for you.

Happy Valentines’ Day!