Well Organized Refrigerator

I got another great special issue of Cook’s Illustrated and found a great article about how a refrigerator should be organized.

It really motivated me, like right away, to clean up my own. I could not believe what was in the bottom and in the corners of the drawers. Okay that sounds way worse than it really was. Let’s just say it needed a good wipe down.

Here is the article from Cook’s Illustrated, I scanned it so you have the visual to go along with it or could print it out too.

Cook's Illustrated, Getting To Know Your Refrigerator

Cook's Illustrated Getting to Know Your Refrigerator Pt. 2

Here is how my refrigerator turned out. I found the white bins at Ikea (SO HAPPY we got our own store last summer here in Colorado). The bins have been great because we have started to order Bountiful Baskets and the fruit and vegetables come loose, so it keeps them all together.

Newly organized refrigerator!

Why not organize the freezer too!

When you spring clean, do you consider the refrigerator. I know I didn’t usually. Now I am happy it is all organized!┬áHope this helps to inspire you to go through yours.