Obsession – August 10

This week I am obsessed with my new SMARTPHONE! Woo Hoo! I have graduated! This is my first smartphone! I love it, love it, love it, love it.

I went from this:

My “old” phone was the middle one in the top row – “a tiny brick” as I liked to call it.

To the HTC Rhyme – a nice, easy to use, beginner’s smartphone:

HTC Rhyme – photo from Amazon.com

It is a pretty nice phone. I love the deep plum color. It comes with a cool dock, ear phones, and a “charm” that you can use which lights up indicating a call, you don’t have to use vibrate, this is an option in lieu of vibrating or silencing the phone.

The accessories – photo from Amazon.com

My favorite apps:

Out of Milk – I have this on my nook as well. I have been using this app on my nook for over two months now. I tried it out yesterday with phone and I had a grand ol’ time scanning bar codes! I can sync up both devices to keep track of my lists and prices. It is nice because now Z can play on the nook while I shop and I don’t have to constantly tell him to stop running or get back to the cart. LOVE IT!

Photo from outofmilk.com

PicsArt – a photo app similar to Instagram. There are a lot more effects to choose from than I initially saw on Instagram. I haven’t full explored Instagram yet. You can share your pictures here, take pictures with the camera function, and much more. I plan to use this a lot and collect some awesome photos.

logo from plus.google.com

Google Maps – After 5 years, I still am not always confident in getting to the ranch (I am not usually the one driving), so anyway to get there is great! I have already saved locations to my in-law’s homes in Kansas, so it is a matter of a few clicks to get there from out house.

Google Maps – photo from plus.google.com

Color Notepad Notes – I can add these to my home page to remind me of things I need to do. Each note can be a different color, edited very easily, and I can make to-do-lists with them.

Logo from the google play store

Angry Birds Space – We have them all on the nook (Rio, Seasons, Regular, and Space); however, this one has been pretty fun and challenging. We cannot get enough Angry Birds – who can’t!?

Logo from Google play store

Others I have:

Nook to read my books should I choose to do so

Logo from Google play store

Instagram because you cannot have enough photo editing tools

Logo from Google play store

Flixster so I can know movie times, get reviews, and watch trailers

Logo from Google play store

I am sure there are many more I will get soon.  All of these apps were free. I can deal with advertising and what not, that doesn’t bother me.

I am just happy to finally have a smartphone. Well really wouldn’t the phone only be as smart as the user itself?

May Day…. May Day

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our hardrive is DEAD. RIP.


photo found at itechsolution.com


I am sure it is my doing. I have no idea. I used it yesterday morning to print out some labels from InDesign for my bath bombs and then left to work and when my husband woke up and went to do his banking, the computer wouldn’t move past the “starting windows” screen.

He restarted it and is said it was downloading a new program or something to that affect and then nothing.


logo from geeksquad.com


The lovely Geek Squad is to the rescue and overnighted out laptop to “HP Headquarters.”

I know my husband is not happy about this. The computer is only 2 years old. I am the one on there doing Photoshop, InDesign, blogs, and I did install the Cricut programming on Sunday and it worked fine on Monday when I tested it out and I was on the computer the next few days after that.

I feel awful and that fault is solely on my shoulders. I have an EXTREME love/hate relationship with computers.

I hope it feels better soon!





Okay, New Valentine Card Plan

So I was on Sweetshoppedesigns yesterday, post my elementary attempt to make Valentine’s Day cards for my son’s preschool class and was way out-done and out-voted, obviously, by this one:

So, thank you Photoshop and Sweetshoppedesigns for letting me add my son’s name to the cards and having my other ones go into the recycle bin. Note taken!

(Funny – I am laughing on the outside and cringing at my attempt on the inside. Lesson learned get more creative!)

Quick Valentine’s Day Cards in Photoshop

This afternoon I came home and whipped up some quick Valentine’s Day cards for my son’s preschool class.

I used photoshop and some elements I had purchased/downloaded from one of my favorite digital scrapbooking sites Sweetshoppedesigns.com

I opened a new document and used a letter preset for my page.

I created guides a quarter inch off of each page margin so I would have four equal cards. I needed to make 16 cards.

I opened each element file and dragged it onto my blank sheet and scaled and moved things around. It really is that easy!

I typed one of the text and duplicated it around the page using smart guides so all of it lined up.

In order to maintain the same scale for each element I selected one layer and then held down shift and selected the subsequent layers and adjusted the scale so they were all the same.

Here is the final result: