Obsessions – August 2

I have many things I love. I look at way too many things to keep them straight in my lil’ head.

This week I am totally obsessed with: Adult and kid DIYactivities/crafts!

I already posted about 5 activities I plan to do with my son and nieces and nephews while we all gather at the ranch. You can see that post here.

Sites I have been obsessively looking through this week are (links in this post to give credit and traffic): How About Orange, PaperMatrix, Mr. Printables, Flax and Twine, Ambrosia Creative

What else is on my radar this week: in no particular order or rank.

1. Tiny Polaroid Magnets from Ambrosia Creative – seen here –

Tiny Polaroid Magnets – photo from Ambrosia Creative – NOT MY OWN

This is so COOL! All my mished and mashed magnets will need to take a side seat or find a new home once I sit down and do this project. I think it would be super cool to have Z (my lil’ guy) pick the pictures he likes.

It is very similar to How About Orange Pantone Polaroids – which I have seen as well.

2. DIY Gold Ring Necklaces from Flax & Twine seen through Creature Comforts. I think whoever my Christmas “person” (lack of words for this one) will be, should it be a female, will get one of these. I would wear it, would they? I think it takes a lot of courage to make a handmade gift and give it to someone. They are way more thoughtful and meaningful (IMO only).

DIY Gold Ring Necklace – photo from Flax and Twine – not my own

3. Any of the paper projects from PaperMatrix – a true artist! I have seen these projects through How About Orange and went to the blog and I am in total AWE. New follower!

I chose one for now that I would like to try my hand at – Balloon #1

Balloon #1 – photo from PaperMatrix – not my own

4. The Monthers – printable calendars for kids from Mr. Printables – I am now a follower/subscriber. How cute and creative are these! I am going to print out August for Z since this is a big month for us! I think he will totally love it. He totally gets my “craft”sessions – he is always telling me what to sew and make next.

August Monther – photo from Mr. Printables – not my own

5. Map of the USA Jigsaw puzzle from Mr. Printables. When I print it and mount it I think I will use thinner foamcore board. I like white edges!

Map of the USA Jigsaw – photo from Mr. Printables – not my own

6. I made myself a new purse, wallet, coin purse, and personal item pouch – which I will do a separate post later, complete with links to the tutorials I used for guidance.

7. Print and Fold Paper Toy Alphabet  by Digitprop as seen on How About Orange. I am going to print out my son’s name and put these in his room – amazing!

Paper Toy Alphabet – photo from Digitprop – by way of How About Orange – not my own

These are on my To Do List for the next coming weeks. They should be great fun and somewhat time consuming – I am up for it though!