Obsessions – August 15, 2012

I love to find and experiment with new fonts.

Some of my favorites are: FFF Tusj

from FontSquirrel.com

Flux Architect – Reminds me of my days in Art School!

from FontSquirrel.com

Pea Dawn from Kevin and Amanda

from kevinandamanda.com

Smiley Monster from Kevin and Amanda

from kevinandamanda.com

Alex Brush from Font Squirrel

from FontSquirrel.com

Just the way you are from dafonts.com

Joyful Juliana from dafont.com

These are only a few. I use some more often than others. I am always looking for new fonts to use with Photoshop.

Good sites are dafont.com, fontsquirrel.com, californiafonts.com and myfonts.com (not all fonts here are free)

Any suggestions on great fonts?





Obsession – August 10

This week I am obsessed with my new SMARTPHONE! Woo Hoo! I have graduated! This is my first smartphone! I love it, love it, love it, love it.

I went from this:

My “old” phone was the middle one in the top row – “a tiny brick” as I liked to call it.

To the HTC Rhyme – a nice, easy to use, beginner’s smartphone:

HTC Rhyme – photo from Amazon.com

It is a pretty nice phone. I love the deep plum color. It comes with a cool dock, ear phones, and a “charm” that you can use which lights up indicating a call, you don’t have to use vibrate, this is an option in lieu of vibrating or silencing the phone.

The accessories – photo from Amazon.com

My favorite apps:

Out of Milk – I have this on my nook as well. I have been using this app on my nook for over two months now. I tried it out yesterday with phone and I had a grand ol’ time scanning bar codes! I can sync up both devices to keep track of my lists and prices. It is nice because now Z can play on the nook while I shop and I don’t have to constantly tell him to stop running or get back to the cart. LOVE IT!

Photo from outofmilk.com

PicsArt – a photo app similar to Instagram. There are a lot more effects to choose from than I initially saw on Instagram. I haven’t full explored Instagram yet. You can share your pictures here, take pictures with the camera function, and much more. I plan to use this a lot and collect some awesome photos.

logo from plus.google.com

Google Maps – After 5 years, I still am not always confident in getting to the ranch (I am not usually the one driving), so anyway to get there is great! I have already saved locations to my in-law’s homes in Kansas, so it is a matter of a few clicks to get there from out house.

Google Maps – photo from plus.google.com

Color Notepad Notes – I can add these to my home page to remind me of things I need to do. Each note can be a different color, edited very easily, and I can make to-do-lists with them.

Logo from the google play store

Angry Birds Space – We have them all on the nook (Rio, Seasons, Regular, and Space); however, this one has been pretty fun and challenging. We cannot get enough Angry Birds – who can’t!?

Logo from Google play store

Others I have:

Nook to read my books should I choose to do so

Logo from Google play store

Instagram because you cannot have enough photo editing tools

Logo from Google play store

Flixster so I can know movie times, get reviews, and watch trailers

Logo from Google play store

I am sure there are many more I will get soon.  All of these apps were free. I can deal with advertising and what not, that doesn’t bother me.

I am just happy to finally have a smartphone. Well really wouldn’t the phone only be as smart as the user itself?

Obsessions – August 2

I have many things I love. I look at way too many things to keep them straight in my lil’ head.

This week I am totally obsessed with: Adult and kid DIYactivities/crafts!

I already posted about 5 activities I plan to do with my son and nieces and nephews while we all gather at the ranch. You can see that post here.

Sites I have been obsessively looking through this week are (links in this post to give credit and traffic): How About Orange, PaperMatrix, Mr. Printables, Flax and Twine, Ambrosia Creative

What else is on my radar this week: in no particular order or rank.

1. Tiny Polaroid Magnets from Ambrosia Creative – seen here –

Tiny Polaroid Magnets – photo from Ambrosia Creative – NOT MY OWN

This is so COOL! All my mished and mashed magnets will need to take a side seat or find a new home once I sit down and do this project. I think it would be super cool to have Z (my lil’ guy) pick the pictures he likes.

It is very similar to How About Orange Pantone Polaroids – which I have seen as well.

2. DIY Gold Ring Necklaces from Flax & Twine seen through Creature Comforts. I think whoever my Christmas “person” (lack of words for this one) will be, should it be a female, will get one of these. I would wear it, would they? I think it takes a lot of courage to make a handmade gift and give it to someone. They are way more thoughtful and meaningful (IMO only).

DIY Gold Ring Necklace – photo from Flax and Twine – not my own

3. Any of the paper projects from PaperMatrix – a true artist! I have seen these projects through How About Orange and went to the blog and I am in total AWE. New follower!

I chose one for now that I would like to try my hand at – Balloon #1

Balloon #1 – photo from PaperMatrix – not my own

4. The Monthers – printable calendars for kids from Mr. Printables – I am now a follower/subscriber. How cute and creative are these! I am going to print out August for Z since this is a big month for us! I think he will totally love it. He totally gets my “craft”sessions – he is always telling me what to sew and make next.

August Monther – photo from Mr. Printables – not my own

5. Map of the USA Jigsaw puzzle from Mr. Printables. When I print it and mount it I think I will use thinner foamcore board. I like white edges!

Map of the USA Jigsaw – photo from Mr. Printables – not my own

6. I made myself a new purse, wallet, coin purse, and personal item pouch – which I will do a separate post later, complete with links to the tutorials I used for guidance.

7. Print and Fold Paper Toy Alphabet  by Digitprop as seen on How About Orange. I am going to print out my son’s name and put these in his room – amazing!

Paper Toy Alphabet – photo from Digitprop – by way of How About Orange – not my own

These are on my To Do List for the next coming weeks. They should be great fun and somewhat time consuming – I am up for it though!