Monday Morning mmm….

It was another COLD Colorado morning on Monday so I decided to make pancakes for breakfast. Well, at least for my son and I seeing how my husband usually wakes up a good hour or two after us and doesn’t eat until at least 11 am and when he does, it is Raisin bran and some sugary cereal mixed together.

That is besides the point.

We made Cinnamon BunĀ Pancakes from The recipe is here.

We did not make our own syrup as they did. None the less it was a delicious and filling breakfast that gave me the energy to do a good cleaning in the house. Well mostly, I ended up rounding up the following to take to goodwill:

141 CDs

50+ books

6 Pillows

1 Queen size comforter

2 Office supplies/crafting items

1 ceramic statue my mom gave me YEARS ago that has never been out. Sorry mom!

1 Orange cardboard/metal box from Ikea.

I tweeked my back carrying up all the books and CDs. Those were heavy. Bless my 4 year old for wanting to help. IĀ  made him hold the door.

Anyways – it is always nice to cook with my son. He loves it!

Gathered all the dry ingredients

Gathered all the wet ingredients.

Put all together in a bowl to be mixed.

Let the little guy mix. He loves it and complains it is too LOUD! (We stayed in pj’s all day!!!!!)

Yes, I need a griddle! We chose to use the pumpkin cookie cutter at first, which in the end was quickly swaped for a Star.

Trick is not to over fill otherwise it spills over and loses some shape.

Much easier and appealing to eat!

Success! Two eaten, well 1.75 eaten. That is a good morning!

Definitely check out the recipe. They are delicious pancakes!