A Place to hang my..”Jewels”..

HSo I went to the thrift store and bought an old frame. I probably won’t go back to this particular thrift store and the selection was bad and the prices were high. I paid enough for the frame let’s just say that.

I thought I had a great idea to make a menu board and put cork on it to stick things on. So I bought all the supplies:


Well as the night progressed I began measuring and cutting and fitting and gluing and HATING every minute of it. By the end of the night I had completed a “board” and stepped away from it and then five minutes later went back and tore it all apart. It was awful and only took about 45 seconds to undo everything.

So the next day, Thursday, I had a new plan. I have more of a need/want for a jewelry frame than a menu board. My husband was not into it anyways.

Here is what I did instead:

I got more supplies – Tropical Oasis Glossy Spray paint from Valspar, a metal sheet with a triangle pattern (galvanized aluminum), leather gloves, drop cloth, blue painters tape, staple gun and 5/16″ staples, and tin snips. I had already purchased Machine Gray Glossy from Ace.

I removed the paper backing and pulled out the staples that were holding the matte in the frame. It was pretty easy to pull them out.

Once I pulled the matte off I traced it on the metal so it would be the correct size for the frame.

 I cut the aluminum with the tin snips. Glad I got my own pair of leather work gloves, there were some sharp edges.

Once the piece was cut I wiped the metal down with vinegar. I was told to do this by the friendly people at Lowes. I would not have known to do this on my own. The vinegar removes the galvanization and exposes the raw metal, aluminum in this case.

I sprayed the metal with the Tropical Oasis.

I sprayed the frame with the Machinery Gray at the same time.

I sanded the frame the night before, yet there were some spaces that were not cooperating and I thought I would leave it distressed and white. I changed my mind and when I sprayed it, it had a cool crackle effect on the frame that I ended up liking.

I pulled the tape and the matte off of the metal and this was how it turned out. I really liked the blue and had to incorporate it somehow and I thought framing the jewelry would have a nice effect.

I used the staple gun to hold the metal close to the frame. I didn’t press the gun right up to the wood I held it away slightly to have them stand out. If they were too far down, I used a flat screw driver to lift them up.

Close up of the frame and metal

The finished frame.

Now it is time to go to Charming Charlies and use my gift card to get some more earrings and necklaces!

As I was leaving Lowes prior to starting this project, I was talking to a lady who works in the paint department about my project and she shared her projects and I made the comment that I feel like my projects don’t turn out how I envision them. She said practice makes perfect.

Has anyone else felt this way? With Pinterest and other DIY blogs, it seems like everyone else’s projects turn out great. Or am I just expecting to be too perfect right away (most likely)?