Summer Days .. Fading….

Oh to be a child again. I guess we all can be anytime we want; however, to look at the world through a child’s eyes and be carefree only having to worry about the latest and greatest and having fun, shunning adult responsibilities…. just for a moment.

Summer is still with us, technically, for another 5 weeks, yet with school starting we needed to end the weekend with some fun. Z style……

What a great end to my “all day” freedom!


Photo of the Month Challenge (FatMumSlim)

Despite not getting all the pictures for March, I got around 22 done, I am going to move on and continue to do April’s challenge.

One cool thing is now I am thinking of and wanting to take more pictures. I really would love to get a new camera too, in due time.

Please check out, if you haven’t from the previous posts. She has a great blog and recently posted about different projects you can do with the photos taken during the challenges or your photos period.

Without further ado here is April’s list:

original blog post here

April Photo a day - directly from


Happy photographing and sharing. Did anyone take some cool pics last month?

A New Month… A New Challenge…

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I have been getting email updates from one of my newest and favorite blogs the House of Smiths. On there she has been encouraging  her readers or informing them of a photo a day challenge. I am overjoyed with a new idea of having a way to really get me to document the everyday (as I wanted to do this this year and it didn’t materialize very far).

I went to the original creater of the challenge and she has a WONDERFUL blog as well. There are WAY TOO MANY blogs out there that I am falling in love with. The blog is Fat Mum Slim. Check it out. She is from Australia and has set up a wonderful blog that is super popular.

I haven’t explored too much of it yet, trust me I plan to.

Here is the March list:

Each day is a new theme. This will be so helpful in figuring out the subject for the photo. The themes are broad enough that they can be opened for your own interpretation.

photo found at

This challenge will help me develop my photography skills, get my newly forming scrapbooking love kicked into gear, allow me to get some good use out of my latest (secret) purchase of the Cricut mini (little party going on here), appreciate the everyday, introduce a new “hobby” to my son (he can help stage or be in the photos- he already loves the camera), become more creative with staging photos, on and on and on.

I highly suggest checking out the blog and challenging yourself!

I also read on a newly discovered blog that the Nikon D40 is a great starter camera that allows most ANYONE to take great pictures. Guess what is on my wish list!!!

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