Obsessions – August 15, 2012

I love to find and experiment with new fonts.

Some of my favorites are: FFF Tusj

from FontSquirrel.com

Flux Architect – Reminds me of my days in Art School!

from FontSquirrel.com

Pea Dawn from Kevin and Amanda

from kevinandamanda.com

Smiley Monster from Kevin and Amanda

from kevinandamanda.com

Alex Brush from Font Squirrel

from FontSquirrel.com

Just the way you are from dafonts.com

Joyful Juliana from dafont.com

These are only a few. I use some more often than others. I am always looking for new fonts to use with Photoshop.

Good sites are dafont.com, fontsquirrel.com, californiafonts.com and myfonts.com (not all fonts here are free)

Any suggestions on great fonts?






Okay, New Valentine Card Plan

So I was on Sweetshoppedesigns yesterday, post my elementary attempt to make Valentine’s Day cards for my son’s preschool class and was way out-done and out-voted, obviously, by this one:

So, thank you Photoshop and Sweetshoppedesigns for letting me add my son’s name to the cards and having my other ones go into the recycle bin. Note taken!

(Funny – I am laughing on the outside and cringing at my attempt on the inside. Lesson learned get more creative!)

Quick Valentine’s Day Cards in Photoshop

This afternoon I came home and whipped up some quick Valentine’s Day cards for my son’s preschool class.

I used photoshop and some elements I had purchased/downloaded from one of my favorite digital scrapbooking sites Sweetshoppedesigns.com

I opened a new document and used a letter preset for my page.

I created guides a quarter inch off of each page margin so I would have four equal cards. I needed to make 16 cards.

I opened each element file and dragged it onto my blank sheet and scaled and moved things around. It really is that easy!

I typed one of the text and duplicated it around the page using smart guides so all of it lined up.

In order to maintain the same scale for each element I selected one layer and then held down shift and selected the subsequent layers and adjusted the scale so they were all the same.

Here is the final result: