Quick Valentine’s Day Cards in Photoshop

This afternoon I came home and whipped up some quick Valentine’s Day cards for my son’s preschool class.

I used photoshop and some elements I had purchased/downloaded from one of my favorite digital scrapbooking sites Sweetshoppedesigns.com

I opened a new document and used a letter preset for my page.

I created guides a quarter inch off of each page margin so I would have four equal cards. I needed to make 16 cards.

I opened each element file and dragged it onto my blank sheet and scaled and moved things around. It really is that easy!

I typed one of the text and duplicated it around the page using smart guides so all of it lined up.

In order to maintain the same scale for each element I selected one layer and then held down shift and selected the subsequent layers and adjusted the scale so they were all the same.

Here is the final result: