Hey There Dutch baby…

Have you ever heard of a Dutch Baby? A German Pancake? I never had. I was looking on  my Nook app, “Big Oven”, for breakfast one day because I was feeling adventurous and was on a huge baking kick this summer (I have learned how to make the perfect sugar cookie complete with royal icing and cupcakes from scratch that I think are pretty darn good!)

Anyway, I digress. I ran across this recipe – SUPER SIMPLE

I will retype it just so it is here too: (this is not my own!)


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Servings            as postedMetric

Original recipe makes 4
1 cmilk
1 cFlour
1/3 cMargarine; or butter
1 dashFresh nutmeg

The instructions are so easy:

– Preheat the oven to 425 degrees

– Choose your pan (we used a mini muffin tin)

– Put a small amout of the butter into your pan or each compartment and let it melt in the oven, do not let it get brown = burnt – yuck


– Blend the eggs for a minute on their own


–  Slowly add milk then flour

– Add nutmeg to taste

– Pour mixture over the butter


– Let it bake for 20-25 minutes. That in itself is a show!



Finish these off with powder sugar and syrup or fruit or whatever suits your fancy – even pop them plain. I love to make these and my son loves to eat them! Talk about a sugar overload. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD mom!


Here are a few other recipes that have popped up and looked great:

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2 thoughts on “Hey There Dutch baby…

  1. They look a bit like traditional English Yorkshire Puddings to me. The batter for them is made with egg, flour and milk too and you can cook it like you have in the oven or you can pour it into a frying pan to make flat pancakes. If its cooked in the oven it is usually served as part of a savoury meal like with roast beef or sausages (to make it “toad in the hole”) and meat gravy. Pancakes can be either sweet or savoury and my boys love them for breakfast with sweet fillings like jam, honey, syrup, nutella – bit like French crepes. Yum.

    • Sounds delicious! I think I may go the “toad in the hole” route one night – I think my son would eat it up too! Thanks!

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