Laundry Time – 4 year old style

Last weekend, my son was very adamant that he do his own laundry. I said “okay” and was fairly impressed that he wanted to do it. He called for help a couple of times, yet I was not helping him the way he wanted. So I backed off and let him do his own thing.

Here is his process:

This is how I wanted it to be sorted.

Piles won't do, it has to be stacked NICELY!

He had to pour the soap, not me, so he poured the soap in, even though I measured it.

Looks like the right place to pour it.

Don't forget to rinse the soap cup

Now we can finally put the clothes in there. This was  a process as well.

One....... at a time at a time

Make sure they get in the washer!

still taking it one at a time

Pile is getting smaller

Yep, it's in there

Finally.... we are done

Maybe I should take more time for my laundry to be sure it is sorted just right! Always learning something new and never cease to be amazed by my little guy and his quirky ways!


2 thoughts on “Laundry Time – 4 year old style

  1. What a very organised young man. Little J is a bit like this and it takes him forever to do things. I get SO frustrated waiting for him!!

    • I hear you! I just walk away and let him do his thing until he needs me. Brushing teeth at night – FORGET ABOUT IT! Forever should be a tick mark on a watch or something!

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