Humble Beginnings

So this year I really pushed my DH to build me a raised garden bed. I am really excited to see how much will survive.

Mushroom compost

Mushroom compost!

So we went with mushroom compost for the first season. I read it is not a good idea to use animal manure the first 6 months. I will add the stinky stuff in the fall to prep for next year. I wonder how many neighbors will say “what is that smell!” I know I do when I smell manure.

Is this enough soil?

is this enough soil?

So I am a big fan of MiracleGro. Other soils get all hard and turn to cement, so I am hoping this will stay loose enough to help the water get to the roots and not become so compacted.

Soon to be peas!

Soon to be peas! Yay!

Peppa - peppers

Soon to be peppers!

Grow baby grow!

Grow baby grow! I think this is lettuce in the making. They all look the same in the beginning!

Broccoli baby

Broccoli baby!

Popeye would be happy to see this Spinach growing!

Popeye would be proud to see this spinach growing!

The start of something ... lettuce

the start of more lettuce... I think!

AN UPDATE since planting the garden the end of March. We had SNOW!!!!! Of course, right after I planted the garden – MURPHY’S LAW right? Many of the plants didn’t make it and kept shriveling. I even covered it up to protect it. So I dug up many of them, I am an impatient gardener! I planted more seeds and then recently went to the garden section at Lowes and purchased broccoli and new tomato plants. I reused the containers to plant more peppers, leaf lettuce, bibb lettuce, and spinach. I have high hopes for this otherwise, I owe DH the money he spent to help me put it together. YIKES! Here’s to grey thumbs hoping to turn more green as the season progresses (I don’t have a black thumb, just grey)

Also as we were getting the garden ready, we had a little accident:

I just fell out of the tree! I can't stop crying!

I am starting to feel better. I am trying to be "strong and tough" "boy-like" - Boys can cry - it's okay

The scene of the CRIME! (He fell facing the other way on his belly) Poor guy! He is definitely more cautious climbing the tree lately.

3 thoughts on “Humble Beginnings

  1. I am most impressed by your efforts. I am supposed to be getting our garden going but I can’t get my head round it. Don’t know where to start.

    • Thanks, it is a TOTAL work in progress. I am taking this year as a major learning experience. I think the Farmer’s Almanac (if you have a publication like that) is a good source and the internet always does wonders! If all else fails try some containers or pots first and then branch out. I did that last year it was okay, just not the best way for me to enjoy it. We had some good peppers and mini butternut squash!

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