Whipped Coconut oil

Here is a great link to a recipe for whipped coconut oil.

Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter Recipe

(thanks to livingthenourishedlife.com for their post about this. This one is all over pinterest, if you are ever on there.)

photo from livingthenourishedlife.com

Doing it yourself is so much more cost effective and you maintain the integrity of the Coconut oil’s nourishing properties. You could do the same with Shea butter (which may be a bit harder to find unless you go to somewhere like brambleberry.com or thesage.com or snowdriftfarm.com – I am not a paid sponsor I just have used these site a lot and have done price comparison with them).

Here is one that combines both shea butter and coconut oil.

I plan on making some this weekend. Fill up some down time.