Check out the loot….

This weekend Joann was having a HUGE sale. I could not believe it.

I stocked up on some patterns. I have not made any clothes yet and I am still not very confident in all of my sewing. With that being said, I will probably have my mom come over and help me sew.

The sale consited of all Simplicity, Lisette, Burda Style and possibly one or two other patterns at 5 for $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Limit 10.

I got the patterns below along with the material to make two of them for $41.88! Super cool. I also got a Project Runway pattern # 0345 that I couldn’t find a photo of.
I don’t plan to make every item. Definitely will start with a skirt as I have read that is a good place to start. I plan to do the blue Lisette dress (I bought the fabric for it that was on the pattern) and the shirt dress in a nice olive green sateen. Should be interesting.


2 thoughts on “Check out the loot….

  1. I also picked up Project Runway pattern # 0345 . The back has information for a different pattern so I do not know what the yardage needed is! Does yours have the correct information?

    • I thought I saw the same thing when I looked on the back the back, I didn’t think much of it because it isn’t high up on my list right now. Didn’t it talk about pants and a vest or something like that?

      I will double check tonight.

      We will figure it out!

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